For Kids!
This section of our site is designed just for kids, to help you learn how important it is to protect our rivers, streams and lakes by keeping them clean. If you like to swim, fish or just play in the water (you should only play in the water when an adult is with you!), then you want our lakes, streams, creeks and rivers to be clean. You can help keep them clean by talking with your friends and family members about this important issue. You and your parents also can watch our videos to find out other ways you can all help keep our waterways clean!

Here are some fun activities you can do in your spare time:

Color our logo! Just click here to DOWNLOAD and print our logo, then color it however you want!
Try our new word search puzzle! (Here's the answer sheet, but don't peek until you finish the puzzle!) You may need to download Acrobat Reader to see these, but CHECK with your parent or guardian first!

clean waterways

Conditions are such that an overflow may occur.





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