Wherever you live in Franklin County, you can be part of the solution to our wet weather problems by helping to contain runoff whenever it occurs. One relatively simple and enjoyable way to do this - especially for those who love gardening - is to build a raingarden on your property.

 According to the Bluegrass Raingarden Alliance, a raingarden is a shallow depression that captures and treats runoff from impervious surfaces like rooftops, patios, driveways and other surfaces that do not absorb water. The raingarden captures this runoff before it enters the stormwater system, reducing the demand on that system during rainstorms.

Raingardens are relatively simple and inexpensive to build, and they have many benefits besides filtering and reducing runoff. For example, they can help decrease local flooding, and they reduce pollution. In addition, raingardens attract birds, bees and butterflies.

The Bluegrass Raingarden Alliance has published a Rain Garden Manual to help you better understand raingardens and how to build one. They also encourage you to register your raingarden with them, and you can use their website as a resource as well.

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